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The Knife Fighter was raised by Wolverines in north Wyoming just west of Grey Bull after being abandoned and left to die by his birth parents with only a bottle of Windsor Canadian and an antler handle Bowie knife by his side.

After the wolverine population spiked in 1992 he was believed to be excommunicated by his wolverine parents due to a dispute over a moose carcass. He was found alone, naked and feral at the age of 8 and was taken to a local psych ward for extensive shock treatment in order to correct his violent and unpredictable animalistic behavior. He was released in late June of 1998 and held at a halfway house in North Texas where he took up close quarters combat as a hobby.

In 1999 he was accused by Texas authorities of pedaling illegal rhino testicles to local collectors and sentenced to a 3 year prison term at Texas’s Huntsville state penitentiary. During his incarceration he killed a fellow inmate with a shank fashioned from his own left shinbone; He later claimed self defense accompanied by insanity and won. After his release in 2003, he was picked up by the Barnem and Bailey circus for a knife throwing act that later resulted in the death of his female assistant, which was deemed an accident by authorities, but disputed by individuals in attendance that claimed the Knife Fighter muttered the words “Die” before the accident occurred.

After being released from the circus, The Knife Fighter fell into a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol and a second relapse of spray paint. At the age of 16 he moved into the LBJ grasslands in Wise county, TX where it is said he learned to play guitar. He emerged from the grasslands in 2013 to become a Texas country music troubadour and local criminal. He was picked up in 2014 by Modern Electric Sound and housed in the record labels remote bunker 500 feet underground located somewhere in Wise County, Texas where he remains till this day only to appear seldom for shows or has he refers to them “just another knife fight”.

“I’d like to break Luke Bryants jaw, if that’s what your asking.”
– The Last Knife Fighter
The Last Knife Fighter
I’ve never met a drink I didn’t like.

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